Sitemap - 2023 - The James Macpherson Report

The Death of Women's Boxing

How a Conspiracy of Interests Serves a Grand Conspiracy of Evil

We Spend a Million Dollars a Day on the Bureau of Meteorology.

Newsflash: Jesus Was NOT Palestinian!

Woke Leaders Posing as ‘Moral Superiors’ Exposed as ‘Real Lowlifes’

Image Circling Social Media Slammed for Depicting Jesus as a Hamas Terrorist

Everyone in Canada Has PMT

The Pope Approves Same Sex Blessings

Was Jesus Palestinian?

Albanese Insists the Referendum Defeat Was Not a Loss for Him

Australia's Passive Aggressive Opening Bat

Clowns. Clowns Everywhere

Christmas - a Dogmatic Truth, Grounded in a Historical Fact

The Conceit of Progressivism

Wishful Thinking From Weak Leaders Encourages Anti-Israel Protests

Labor is the Party for the Intifada

Government Plots to Gut Faith-Based Schools

The Much Anticipated Zombie Apocalypse Has Already Begun

What a Load of Frocks!

We Seem Intent on Virtue Signalling Our Way into the Archeological Record

The Failure to Profile Aircraft Passengers Is a Big Mistake

Yet Another Reason You'd Be Crazy to Entrust Your Children to a Public School in This Country

Atheism: It's Hard to 'Speak Out' When You Have Nothing to Say

The Woke Eat Their Own

We Used to Have a Name for Places That Couldn't Keep the Power On ...

International Cricket Council Deny Uzzie's Plan to Wear Pro-Palestinian Shoes

Five Reasons Prince Harry Should Be Kicked To the Curb

Go Ahead, Make America Great Again!

Ed Husic Suddenly Discovers Free Speech ... But Only To Demonise Israel

What Would Queers Murdered by Islamists Make of Queers for Palestine?

Clare O'Neil Issues an Absurd Apology as Albo Tries to Change the Subject

Thousands of Actors and Musicians to Join Anti-Israel Protests

Queensland: Where No Matter Who Wins, Everyone Loses

Australian Artists "Demand" a Ceasefire

The Sun is in the Sky!

When the PM's Best Hope for Turning Things Around is a Bush Fire, You Know Things Are Bad

Buses Advertising Atheism Score an Own Goal

Time's Person of the Year Is ...

Shame on Australia When Public Schools Are No Longer Safe for Jewish Kids

Israel Asks the Civilised World: "Where the Hell Are You?"

Two Months After Australians Voted 'No', the Push for Treaties Gathers Pace

Yarra Council Blowing in the Wind

Albanese's Worst Nightmare Comes True

Reaction to Christian Footballer's Post is 'Embarrassing'

'Tis the Season For Diversity

Ridicule is the Best Response to the Left's Latest Blasphemy

Want to Appear on Sky News?

"The Earth Does Not Belong to Us" - King Charles

Queensland Legislates a Man's Right to Choose

Welcome to Country Used to Divide Us

Dutton Smear Shows Albanese's Leadership is Terminal

Antonio Guterres Wakes Up

Literal Identity Politics

Lefty Politicians Still Pushing Their Love of Wacky Tobacky

"It’s Not adieu, it’s Au Revoir"

Hostage Emily Hand Was Neither Lost, Nor Found

No Wonder Our Kids Are So Confused

Absenteese's Pre-Election Makeover Has Worn Off

The Greens Are a Stain on the Australian Senate

Anglican Church Bans 'Heretic' Granny

Lamenting a World Gone Mad

Why School Strikes for Palestine Depress Me

International Cricket Council: "Men are not women"

October 7 Has Shown the Feminist Movement To Be One Giant Fraud

The Gender Emperor's New Clothes

No More Bowling Maiden's Over Despite a Handy Reverse Sweep

Should Gladys Be the New Optus Chief?

Why Hamas Are Worse Than Nazis

Watching the World Burn

Meet Argentina's Unlikely New President

A Portrait of the Greens Dystopian Future

Why Are News Reports So Weird?

Politician Who Can't Define "Woman" Warns that His Christian Opponent Is a Threat To Women's Rights

The Washington Post Serves Up Jihadi Hot Takes as News

A Culture Destroyed By Virtue

Hangry Climate Activist Quits Hunger Strike

Peter Dutton is the Acting Prime Minister

How to Speak Hamas

The Church of England Has Decided to Try Apostasy on a "Trial Basis"

Kim Kardashian is Man of the Year. But What's Her Bottom Line?

No, It's Not April 1st!

Merry Everything, and a Happy New Whatever

Will We Admit We Are In a Civilisational Battle In Time To Do Something About It?

Australia Welcomes Climate Refugees from an Island ... that's Growing!

Ayaan Hirsi Ali Says Christianity is Our Only Hope

Mrs Wilson Has Learned Self Defence. So the Education System is Just Fine.

Warning of Islamophobia When Jews Are Attacked Only Encourages Islamists

When Government Proposes to Control Our Words, the Church Ought Not Be Speechless

Ethnoreligious Violence Playing Out on Australia's Streets

The Blood-Dimmed Tide is Loosed, and Everywhere

As Own Goals Go, This is a Beauty

Another Attack on Jews. Another Caution Against Islamophobia.

Westpac Becomes a 'Nature Positive Bank'

Woman Smacks Pet Crocodile on the Head with a Goose

Champagne Cate Campaigns for Open Borders

Netanyahu and the Wisdom of Solomon

What If We Paid Politicians What They're Worth?

Optus Change Their Logo from "Yes" to "Try Again Later, Maybe"

'Without a Fight'

Germany Cancels Anne Frank for Being 'Non-Inclusive'

PM's Drop in the Polls Leaves Me Mysitified

Meet Pro Hamas University Students

It's Nice when the Trash Puts Itself Out

Indigenous Row Over Dots!

Jews Are Safer in a War Zone Than in Sydney

Is 2023 the New 1939?

Airbus Albo Lands in China

If Only They'd Renamed the Birds Sooner

Islamic Jihadis Behead Babies While MSM Claim the Real Threat to America is ... Church Folk!

The ABC's Renewed Commitment to Diversity

Dani Wants to Coach the Girls

World Exclusive: Interview with Hamas

Anthony Albanese Honours his Economics Teacher

'Disingenuous' parents offended by a Sydney Catholic school's stance on lesbian prom couples can simply take their children elsewhere

Queers May Be For Palestine, But Palestine is Not For Queers

Quit Telling Me Putin Is the Reason Everything's So Damn Expensive

'A Mostly Peaceful Lynch Mob'

Stan Grant Now Says the Voice Was Never a 'Modest' Proposal

How Israel Can Suffocate Hamas

Dismayed to Think That This is Australia

'I Am an Israeli Trans Woman Who Desperately Needs Palestine to be Free'

The Nations Are Sick with Hatred

England: Where Chanting for Jihad is Fine, But Silent Praying is Not

Israel Threatens to Turn off Gravity in Gaza

It's Always 'That Time of the Month' When You Get Your News From the ABC

Islamophobia 'Victim' Turns Out to Be Hamas Cheerleader

Council Raises Palestinian Flag to Anti-Semitic Chants

Wong Call For Ceasefire

The BBC's Desperation to Humanise Hamas

'We Ran With the Word of a Designated Terrorist Group - Our Bad'

Israel Is the Only Country Forced to Defend Itself for Defending Itself

'Yes' Campaigners Break Their Week of Silence to Slam "Shameful Victory"

What To Believe About This War

Peak Woke: When You Won't Take a Side Against Terrorists for Fear of Being 'Non-Inclusive'

More Actors in Politics

The Pitfalls of Virtue Signalling

Evil Is Making a Comeback

The Goblin of Doom Stands with Hamas

Waleed Aly Reckons the Voice Was Too "Complicated" for Non-Tertiary Educated Voters

If Beheaded Babies Cannot Inspire 'Moral Clarity', Can Anything?

The ABC Get to the Real Problem with War

Maxim has a Man in its 'Hottest 100 Women' List

'Light Up the Opera House for Palestine,' Says Labor Minister

Sing the Anthem, or Don't Play

Banks Offer Cultural Leave for Staff Upset By Voice Defeat

PM Should Reconsider His Position After Flawed Referendum

Aboriginal Flags Fly at Half Mast ... But for the Wrong Reason

The War with Hamas: Interview with Former Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett

On Being Kind to be Cruel

Celebrity Endorsements for the Voice Meant Nothing, But Told Us a Lot

Adam Bandt Insists We 'Must Not Weaponise This Moment'

What Part of 'No' Don't They Understand?

Political Elite Given a Welcome to Reality!

On 'Proportionality'

A Tale of Two Territories

Yes ... Yeah ... Nah ... No!

Australian Cricketers Offered Counselling in the Event of a 'No' Vote

What Next?

The True Enemy of the Palestinians

Who Said It ...

The Greens Vote Not to Extend Sympathy to Israeli Terror Attack Victims

Australian mother's three children called up to fight for Israel

A Tale of Two Gatherings

Nine's Soft Ball Interview with Sydney March Organiser

Believe Them When They Tell You Who They Are

For Bad Takes on Israel, You Can't Beat the Australian Greens

Australian Expat Tears Up As Husband Leaves to Serve in Israeli Forces

Sydney's Night of Shame

'This is Not Freedom Fighting'

Israel is a Test of Hearts

Poor Fellow, My Victoria

Chatting with Andrew Bolt

Is the Pope Catholic?

Help! I'm Caught in a Parallel Universe

Ray Martin Calls 'No' Voters Dickheads and Dinosaurs

Daniel Andrews, a Big Picture Man

The Australian Electoral Commission Isn't Exactly Filling us with Confidence

Trans Athletes Decline to Race in Open Category

My Chat With Douglas Murray

Julia Gillard and a Drag Queen Launch the Yes Campaign in London

We Are Doomed ... Eventually

Speakless Speakman

A Fine Mess

The Back of Him

'Lest We Forget'

My Exclusive Interview with the 'Yes' Campaign

Former Military Chiefs Urge Government to Develop a Defence Against Climate Change

Former Top Biden Staffer Compares Unborn Babies to "A Lump of Coal"

Canberra Climate Melts Teal Snowflake

"For We are One and Free"

Qld Energy Minister Caught Saying the Quiet Part Out Loud

Chris Minns Announces Australia's First Pride Museum

Qantas' First Ever Early Departure

The Present-Day Extermination of India's Christians

Australia's First Female PM is No Friend of Women

Why Carlos Santana is the Most Dangerous Man in the World

Let Your 'Yes' Be Yes and Your 'No' Be Yes

Guys, Get Your Ticket for Melbourne's 'International Lesbian Day' Party

You May, Or May Not, Have Something to Worry About: ABC

Like an Arsonist Putting Out His Own Fire

Up, Up and Away with Airbus Albo

Albanese: If I Could Be a Dictator I'd Ban Social Media

London Mayor Blames Stabbing of Gay Men on Culture Wars

Even When the Matildas Lose, Australia Still Wins

What Happens in Australia to Babies Born Alive During Abortions

Taste the Rainbow

A $40,000 Lesson in Showing Up

There's a Toxin in the Air

Albanese Invokes the Spirit of Australia

Oliver Anthony Sings What Normal People Are Thinking

Australia Needs to Be "on a War Footing": Strategic Analyst tells me

PM Cloaks Himself In Others' Glory Following Matilda's World Cup Win

Have We Reached Peak Gullibility Yet?

A Culture Mesmerised By It's Own Rhetoric

Melissa Spoils Albo's Hawke Moment

Rates Skyrocket as Councils Virtue Signal

Albo's Lips Are Moving Again

By Their Friends You Shall Know Them

Mainstream News is Now Just Disinformation

Kids Go Mental as Climate Rhetoric Boils

Trudeau Lacks Kenergy

The Voice is a "Hook" and Australians Should Not Bite

Should We Ask What is Being Done to Our Children?

And the Climate Bedwetting Oscar Goes To ...

Before They Jail Trump ...

The Telegraph Wonders Why Private Schools Are Popular

Taxing Poor People Off the Roads Will Save Thousands of Lives: Sadiq Khan

The ABC is Cooked

Global Boiling? My Blood is Boiling!

Talking During Welcome to Country is "Culturally Devastating"

Smacking Children Breaches Their Human Rights: Report

Talking 'Non-Binary' On Vision Radio

Turnbull Labels Sky News "Terrifying"

All Is Not What It Seems As Trans Player Takes to the Field at FIFA World Cup

Karate Kid Climate Protestor

CNN Mourns the Birth of Thousands of Babies

Come On Ben, It's a Barbie Movie

Stumped By My Own First Sentence

'Give Up Your Meat to Save Earth': NYT

Driller Queens Are Ready to Help

"Welcome to Sex" is Appropriate for Kids Because ... Well, Have you Seen What's in the Bible?!?!

"I McDo"

Farage De-Banking Should Sound Alarm

Tracey Chapman's Song Is a Foul Taste in Luke Combs' Mouth

SA Police Responded to Crime Crisis By Cracking Down on ... Jaywalking

Woke Journalists Enjoying the Smell of Their Own Farts

Two Flags Don't Make One People

If Financial Mismanagement Was a Commonwealth Games Sport ...

Of Course the Left Are Grooming Your Kids

Secret Service Cocaine Investigation Blows

Should Misgendering Someone Be a Crime?

Why Are Elites So Quick to Sprout Anti-Democratic Nonsense?

A Fire is Noting to Be Sneezed At

Looking Forward to Being In Perth

On International Thingumy Day

The Great Decommission

CNN Apologise for Getting the News Right

School Puts the Gay Pride and Indigenous Flags on Student Uniforms

Is This the Longest Bow?

Chalmers Announces His Ministry of Happiness

A Man is Voted One of Europe's Most Beautiful Women

Boomerangs at 30 Paces as Freeway Opening Delayed

God's Pronouns are They/Them: Baptist News Global

Australia is Beached As

My Latest Book is a Best Seller!

Medicine Shakes Hands with Politics

Sniff of Scandal in the White House

Resumes Including They/Them Pronouns Are More Likely to Be Overlooked, Study Finds

Tune in at 10pm Tonight

Putin Ate Bowen's Homework

Labor Will Turn Parliament into a University Identity Seminar Run Amok

'Climate Bedwetters' Ground London Pride Parade to a 'Sparkly Halt

When Unstoppable Narcissism Meets Immovable Narcissism

Who Will Police Non Binary Police?

Riots, 'Bonus Holes' and More

Justin Trudeau Declares "Pride Season"

Safe, Legal and Should Become Free and Compulsory, Labor Left To Insist

The Sparkle Creed

Residents Hiring Security Guards

No Dictator Here

US Vice President: You Don't Have to Abandon Your Faith to Support Abortion

Police Protect Protesters from Motorists

Brit Leaders Up for a Penis Election

Have Your Gender and Eat it Too

Daily Mail Takes Aim at Christians for Failing to Love Abortion and Gay Pride

'Rambunctious Teens Turn Violent'

If Life Was a Road Trip, Would You Put These Guys Behind the Wheel?

President Biden ... a Bridge Too Far

Biden Could Be Sending Coded Messages

If It Can Be Done, It Will Be Done

Holy Intersectional Conundrum

Science Now Operates By a Single Ethic

God Save the Queen, Man!

Joe Biden Flags His Priorities

The Relentless Push to Eliminate Gender at 40,000 ft

Tennis Australia Wants Trans Women To Give 'Trans Women' a Shot

Qantas: The Spirit of Woke

AOC's Wholly Unholy Pride Month Sermon

The Future of Flying Economy

All Aboard!

One Religion is Increasingly Encouraged in the Public Square

Shop Assistants Confront Thieves And - For Their Trouble - Get The Sack

Tell Me How to (For)get How to Get to Sesame Street

Sesame Street Celebrates Gay Pride

On Dylan and Media Bias Against Christianity

On That 'Welcome to Country'

Mulvaney's a Lesbian

The Media's Double Standard on Religion

New York Times Lament Little Mermaid's Lack of Kink

The Easiest Job in Victoria

Fighting Artificial Intelligence with Natural Stupidity

Rome's Trevi Fountain Turns Black

Never Forget What They Did

Would You Be Convinced by a Fuselage?

Rugby Find a Voice they Like

Dr President Joe Biden

That New York Car Chase!

Biden Cancels His Trip Down Under

Starbucks Goes Woke

What is a Woman?

Starbucks Coffee Keeps You Woke

Canada's Evil Euthanasia Laws

Saying the Quiet Part Out Loud

If Anyone is Anything Everything is Nothing

This Weeks' Edition of Only in Victoria

What's Wrong with Australia in a Single Job Advertisement

Xi Jinping is Shaking in His Heels

Men are From Mars, Women Are Going There

The Bitter Taste of Your Own Medicine

Be Careful What You Wish For King Charles

What Drugs are the Greens On?

Biden Wants Four More Years

King Charles Rejects Heathrow Offer

Bacon is Fried

What Percentage of Women Have a Penis?

Trump is the Ultimate Troll

Senator Thorpe's Greatest Hits

Time to Close the Gap

White Ants Gonna White Ant

Where Did All the Crazies Go?

The Sexualisation of Children is Our Culture's Most Pressing Issue

"You Want Change?"

Catholic Group Banned from a University

How Biden Has Turned White House Press Briefings into a Joke

BBC Reporter Stutters Through Interview with Musk

You Can Yet Redeem Yourself ...

Join Me Sunday 7pm for an Hour

Women Make Up Half the NSW State Ministry

Hipkins Doesn't Know What a Woman Is ...

The War on Children

Net Zero Flights. No Joke.

Pelosi Says the Quiet Part Out Loud

Collingwood Support the Voice

Guy Deletes Common Sense

Joe Biden's Proselytizing for Woke Ideology Puts the West at Risk

Daniel Andrews Must Be Pinching Himself

Albanese's Home Schooling Advertisement

The Sydney Morning Herald Tackles Let Women Speak

Cancel Earth Hour. Let's Do Hour of Power Instead.

Men Will Be Men

The Roots of Our Cultural-Wide Madness Go Back to a Rejection of Objective Truth

Blind Freddie Can't Be Trusted

Reverend Greta will Be Giving the Homily

Reaching this Crazy World Podcast

King Dan Hoists a New Flag Over Victoria

When Women Speak ...

Bible Lecturer Sacked and Threatened with Counter-Terrorism Referral for Comments on Homosexuality

World's Healthiest Man Too Much of a Health Risk for US Visa

Australian Catholic University Bans the Pride Flag

Local Government - the Refuge of Small Men with Grandiose Visions

Women's Sport and the Cult of Inclusivity

Submarines Won't Run on Choof

Talking Rainbows on Vision Radio

'Homophobic attack' on Wollongong's Rainbow Crossing

Don't Expect a Church that Bent Over for the Jab to Protest Being Arrested for Silent Prayers

Happy International Erase Women Day

On Andrew Bolt

Cult Music for a Cult

Miles' Sudden Conversion to Bodily Autonomy

Madonna: Desperately Seeking Attention

Australia's Grand Slam is a Grand Mess

Thank you!

Victoria Police Have Trouble Finding New Recruits

The Late Debate Debuts Tonight

Perrottet's Not So Fancy Dress

Spare Us

The Dictionary is Lying

New Show Launching on Sky ...

Karens, Beware the Kraken

City of Stonnington Promises Religious Freedom ‘for now’

Media Seems to Sympathize with the So-Called "Woman" Being Executed ...

Stranger than Fiction

'We Don't Want to Be Known For What We are Against'

Is it a Boy or a is it Girl?

Albo Off a Short Run on a Doctored Pitch