We have now reached a point in Western culture where simply being normal is seen as an act of bravery, even heroism.

It should not require courage, for instance, to explain that men cannot get pregnant, or that objective truth matters, or that not all ideas are inherently good.

And yet, here we are.

Courage is required simply to say what normal people would say and to react the way normal people would react in any given situation.

In this environment, so many normal people have gone quiet – hiding their common sense and keeping their normality to themselves – that normal people are now regarded as a curiosity.

Where once history was decided by a clash of religions or by a clash of political ideologies, the history of our age has come down to a clash between the normal and the abnormal; the sane and the insane.

This newsletter is for people exhausted by the media’s insistence that they self-censor every thought and continually disbelieve their lying eyes.

The only way to save Western civilisation is for normal people to point out the obvious, to laugh at the ridiculous and to loving speak the truth.

This newsletter is for people who refuse to be manipulated by the media, bullied by politicians and hoodwinked by Hollywood.

This newsletter is for the normal people, or at least for those of us who are still left!

Sometimes I’ll write articles. Other times I’ll do interviews with fascinating people. I’m also excited to recommend books, movies, and the work of people I find interesting.

I welcome your input. Paying subscribers can leave comments on every piece.

I hope reading Think. Again. helps to reassure you that you aren’t crazy and that you aren’t on your own. I’m really glad to have you here.

About James Macpherson

James Macpherson is a journalist and the author of Notes from Woketopia - Laying Bare the Lunacy of Woke Culture.

He has worked as a journalist with News Limited in Australia, writing for The Courier-Mail, The Australian and The Daily Telegraph. For the past two years his satirical take on faith, politics and culture have been among the most popular columns published by The Spectator Australia

James lives in Sydney with his twin sons Joseph and Benjamin.


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