Sitemap - 2022 - The James Macpherson Report

The 'Voice' is a Great Idea ... Apart from All the Reasons it Will Be a Disaster

UK Government Must Change People's Behaviour to Reach Net Zero

Tick-A-Box Candidate Made Up Every Box

Fraser Stars in Plump Role

Caution: Christmas Ahead

No Christmas Card from the Liberal Leader

NHL Stages First Ever All Trans Ice Hockey Game

'Tis the Season' for Incessant Chanting of Leftist Nonsense

America Warned of "Winter Bomb Cyclone"

Kerryn Phelps "Bombshell"

Health Expert Fat Shames Santa

Essendon Apologise to Andrew Thorburn

If Only We Had More Women In Power, the World Would be Sweetness and Light

Climate Zealots Have Found Something to Give Their Lives For

"The Greens Will Always Support the Right to Protest" (provided it's a protest they like)

Andrew Thorburn: A Good Man Hounded Into Early Retirement

Climate Zealots Sunk by Environmental Zealots

Andrew Denton: "God Does Not Exist. Now Let Me Tell You How to Be a Good Christian"

Expect to See Pot Legalised in Victoria Soon

Tales of Woe from a Once Great Land

Cookin' with Gas?

Little Napoleon and His Trusty New Steed

On Robots and the Future

Albanese is Power Mad

Elton John Breaks Up with Rocket Man

Great White Privilege

Pronouns: Dumb/Dumber

When 'Sorry' Never Ends Reconciliation Never Happens

Canada: Where Death is a Lifestyle Choice

Wake up to Woke

The Green Lining in PNG's Population Cloud

Lib's Bragg on Drag

Exclusive: 'Christian Reads Bible!'

Australians Need More than Labor's Word Soup Plan for a Plan to Bring Down Energy Prices

Someone Please Tell the Church of England ...

Don't Say "MonkeyPox"

Hakuna Matata?

Disney's Latest Flop

The Kinder, More Tolerant Left

Meet Twitter's Former Content Moderation Officer ...

More Gobbledygook from the Climate-Change-Thing disciples

Teals Want to Lower the Voting Age

Pride and Prejudice in Qatar

Jelly Beans Go Woke

Twitter Welcomes Back Trump

Your Guide to Wokeism

Irony is Dead!

Covid Rules ...

HelloFresh Monkey Business

Five Years After Gay Marriage Was Legalised ...

AMA Warn About a New Covid Wave

Canada Contemplates Euthanasia for "Mature Minors"

Life May Be Harder But - in Canada at Least - Dying is Easier

A Cruise Ship of Covid Cases Arrives in Sydney

Activists Make Your Yule Time Gay

UK Man Jailed After Selling Mince Pies During Covid Lockdown

We Need to Push Back on Big Tech After Data Breach ...

Non-Binary Emma D'Arcy Named Among Men of the Year for Playing a Woman

Daniel Andrews Goes to Ground

The Cartoon Network Is No Longer Safe for Kids

COP This ...

Fetterman's Flagging Hopes

Climate Anxiety in a Climate of Anxiety

Man Identifies as a Disabled Woman. You Already Know What Happens Next ...

If You Think It's Cold Now, Just Wait Until it Warms Up!

Jim Chalmers is No Saint George

It's Fweeeeezing in Sydney!

Zali Shows Why Athletes Should Stick to Sport

Long Suffering Taxpayers are the New Sponsor of Netball Australia

Alan Joyce Wants to Save the Great Barrier Reef

Biology Refuses to Play Along

Self Driving Cars and the Self Identification Movement

On Bathrooms and Subsets of Men

It's a Sad Day When Labor Looks More Economically Responsible than the Coalition!

The Rise and Rise of Power Bills

Biden Backs "Every Single Solitary Right" for Trans Community

The Mob's New Hobby of Guilt By Association is a Fool's Game

Bravo to Gina Rinehart

Hazzard Quits as Poll Reveals Only 35% of Vaxed People Would Do it Again

Microsoft's New Pride Flag

Mexicanas No Felices

Mayoral Candidate Identifies as a Frog

Decent People Ignored International Pronouns Day

CNN Promotes Wakanda as a Model for the Future

Hamas Praise the Albanese Government

For the Greta Good

From Clever Country to Class Dunce

Tell Me Christians, With Friends Like Dutton, Who Needs Enemies Like Andrews?

Catholic Boys School Goes Gender Neutral to Be More Inclusive

Gerard Henderson Lines Me Up ...

On ISIS Brides and Novak Djokovic

Interview: Racism, the Voice, and Micro-Aggressions

It Rains in Melbourne, so Bandt Wets the Bed

Greenies Have a Meltdown as Greta Goes Nuclear

Should Australian Troops Help Train Ukrainian Soldiers?

The Scourge of 'Medium Covid'

Tonight on The World According to Rowan Dean

When Wokery Meets Reality

Virtue is a Helluva Drug

Vic Police Feeling 'Bruised"

ACL Labelled a Hate Group

Melbourne City Council Employs Chief Heat Officers

Andrews Threw Thorburn to the Lions. Now He's Trolling Us.

The only thing worse than racism is imagined racism

Daniel Andrews is a thug: Bolt

My Take on the Essendon CEO Saga

The Only Thing Worse than Racism is Imagined Racism

Bowen's EV Fantasy

"We Own the Science" on Climate Change: UN

NBC's Cognitive Dissonance

Covid Isolation Rules Scrapped

Virgin Atlantic Lets Male Pilots Wear Skirts

Greens Dreaming of a Four Day Week, and Legalised Choof!

Climate Change Anxiety Made Me Do It

Yes, Your Eyes and Your Spidey Senses Are Working

Italy Has a Female PM

Netflix Accused of Hate for Tagging Dahmer Series as 'LBGTQ Content'

Jacinda Ardern's Flatulent Ambition

Tasmania's Illogical, illiberal, Anti Discrimination Laws

Feel the Reconciliation

The Mysterious Case of Homophobia at Birrong Girls High School

The Brownlow's 'Cinderella Moment'

Talking the Queen's funeral

Beyond Meat boss arrested for biting man's nose

Greens Can't Even Do Identity Politics Right

NYC: The Purge

Queue Up Like Beckham

What Climate Emergency?

Lockdowns Were Impressive, By George!

Saturday Sanity Check

Blockades, Blockheads and the Naming of Australia

Kiwi Invasion of the Body Snatchers

Enough of the Queen. The ABC Has More Important Things to Do.

Huge News If True ...

Have You Heard the One About the Irish Teacher and the Pronouns?

You Can Have Reconciliation or Recrimination. You Can't Have Both.

Let's Talk BS

Saturday Sanity Check

Rest In Peace Queen Elizabeth II

Social Justice is Just the Latest Fashion

Top Four Most Cringe Worthy Vaccine Propaganda Videos

Meghan Markle Alert!

Lies, Damned Lies and Newspoll

Catholics Do What Independent Christian Schools Should Have Done

The Colour of Teal

When Virtues Run Loose

Empty Lecture Theatres for Empty Ideas

A Former PM is Hounded Out of Sydney University

The Rise of Gender Affirmation and the Silencing of Dissent

One More Week with the Mask ...

Moaning Meghan Markle ...

Starbucks Announces Cashless Stores

"But Everybody Doesn't Have a Cervix," said Everybody with a Cerebral Cortex.

Nothing Makes Sense, So Banning Djokovic Makes Sense

'Plant Based Meat' Will Save the World: Zali

Shaquille O'Neal and Our Shrinking PM

America. Where Everything Blue Turns to ......

Sydney Nightclub Bans Staring!

Saturday Sanity Check

Media Shocked Catholic School Won't Show Student's Lesbian Film

Strange Bedfellows: Radical Islam and Woke Left Progressivism

The Future Isn't as Bright As It Used to Be

The Segment We Ran Out of Time For, and the Line I Never Delivered ...

Crime's Up. Hey Macarena, Ay!

How the Public is Kept Ignorant and Fearful in the Transgender Debate

An Update ...

In Trouble? Scream "Trump! Trump!"

Demi Lovato Rages for the Machine

Saturday Sanity Check

Sydney Festival Presents Bestiality as One of Society's Last Taboos

The Gender Ideologues Identify as Progressive, But This is Not Progress

Back on Sky TV. Thanks for Your Support.

The Dangerous Zealotry of Trigger Warnings

The Charms of Transgenderism

Was Salman Rushdie Attacked By an Anglican Vicar? A Salvation Army Band? A Nun?

Welcome to Coles

Saturday Sanity Check

Policing with Pride, But No Pride in Policing

Aussie Cricketers: "Screw it. If We Get Covid, So Be It."

High Court to Rule Whether Trans Women Can Enjoy Lesbian Only Night Out

My Debut on 'The World According to Rowan Dean'

Lights, Camera, War

Australian Coal in Ukraine Good, Australian Coal in Australia bad.

Demi's De-Pronouning

Saturday Sanity Check

The 'Voice' is a Step Backwards

Gay Street Party is LGBTAOK, But Australia Day Parade in Doubt

Ditch the Prayer? We May Need Prayer More than Ever With This Parliament!

More from My Sky TV Interview ...

Yesterday's Fringe is Today's Mainstream

On Sky TV's Outsiders ...

Father, Forgive Labor Over the Lord's Prayer

If Only Christian Rugby Players Were Edumacated

Saturday Sanity Check

Smell the Diversity. Feel the Inclusion.

Mainstream Media and 'Controversial' Views

Medicare Records Say 55 Australian Men Gave Birth to Babies in 2014

Half the Manly Team Walks Out Over Gay Jumper

Why Woke BBC Cut Ties With Woke Stonewall

Politician 'Bullied' By the Unvaxxed

Saturday Sanity Check

Rugby Heckler Faces Five Year Ban

America (Pronouns Was/Were)

A Salient Lesson in Stupidity

Victorian Liberals' Long Suicide Note Written in Green

2022: The Year Of Living Insanely

Net Zero Disaster in Sri Lanka

Saturday Sanity Check

MSN Calls Telescope "Homophobic"

NZ's Plan to Combat China

Sri Lankan Government Brought Down by Green Elites Implementing Crazy Policies

Gay Couple Wanting a Son Sue IVF Clinic When They Get a Daughter

Cancel Culture Reduces Women to a "Vibe"

'Friends' Creator Sorry for Everything, Except the Insufferable Characters

Saturday Sanity Check

Victorian State Schools Imagine Your Children Belong to Them

The Left's Rules of Respect and Tolerance Don’t Apply to the Christian Faith

Celebrities Opine on the US Supreme Court

'The War Would Not Have Happened If Putin Was a Woman' - Boris Johnson

When Virtue Signalling Backfires

Elmo Gets Vaccinated

Saturday Sanity Check

'Australians Aren't Stupid': Many Want Net Zero Paused

'Climate Change Causes Domestic Violence' - Women's Ambassador

What it's Like to Be a TV Political Commentator

Christians Are a Minority for the First Time In Australian History

Green Day Frontman Threatens to Leave America. No-one Cares.

It's a Sex Strike!!!!!!!

Senator Thorpe "swore allegiance to coloniser Queen to infiltrate parliament"

Court Overturns Roe v Wade

Saturday Sanity Check

A Woke Recipe for Movie Mediocrity

Why Banning the Swastika is a Bad Idea

Normal People Are Regarded as a Curiosity

Greens Leader Adam Bandt Flags His Prejudice

A Bridge Too Far

The WHO Rename the Monkeypox

Saturday Sanity Check

Four jabs, Two Justins, One Sick Joke

Warnings Of Blackouts in Sydney Are Just Embarrassing!

The UK's Conversion Therapy Laws Explained

Pelosi Says Freedom to Dress in Drag is What America is All About

Saturday Sanity Check

'You Will Be Groomed, And You Will Be Happy'

The Covidiots Have Gone Full Monkeypox

Nigerian Christians Die in the Shadows

Celebrate 'Pride', Or Else

Pride Month = Corporate Insurance

To Thine Own Self Be True

Saturday Sanity Check

US Marines: Armed and Fabulous

Doctors Confirm Men Are Stronger Than Women

This Way For Your Gaslighting Booster Shot ...

Barbie's Gender Confusion

The Archbishop, The Speaker and Whoopi

Globalist's Dreaming a Worldwide Nightmare

When Events and Narratives Collide.

'Decency' Lasted Three Days

What To Do With 30 Million Spare Covid Vaccine Doses ...

Washington Post Falsely Claims George Floyd Was Shot

The Most Successful Woman Will Be a Man

Cultural Elites Give Thanks that Pentecostal PM is Gone

The Gay Coin No-one Takes Pride In

You've Not Had Your Booster Shot? Take This!

Finding Racism is Easy for Albanese

Women On Boards Law Illustrates Leftist Lunacy

Woke Museum Is No Place for Kids

Christianity vs Woke-ianity

Everything is de-Kleining.

Sick? Repeat After Me: "Imagine How Bad I'd Be Without the Jab!"

Fifty Shades of Covid

Victorian Policeman Faces Disciplinary Action for Saying 'There Are Two Genders'

Uber Woke

Keep a Straight Face, and Repeat After Me: 'Men Need Abortions ...'

Female. Tick. Black. Tick. Lesbian. Tick.

The Push for Non-Anglican Anglican Schools

Labor Policy Details? Mum's the Word.

It's Girls Who Suffer in Our Brave New World

Celebrating the Achievements of Karl Marx

A Woman's Right to an Abortion is Threatened, and Suddenly Everyone is a Biologist.

10 Tips to Help Climate Bedwetters Overcome Anxiety

Trans Style Guide is Activism Cheat Sheet

Saturday Sanity Check

The real oppression, and how it works

So many identities. So few flag poles.

How the conversation goes ...

A pox on both your houses!

We are witnessing the birth of a new religion

Sunday Interview - My Chat With Dinesh D'Souza (Part 2)

Saturday Sanity Check

Transgender comments threaten to bring down the NSW government

Unexplained pregnancies at the women-only Edna Mahan Correctional Facility

Labor: 'Only bigots would say they are "blessed" to have healthy children'

My quick chat with Alexandra Marshall of Spectator fame

Beware those who want to redefine society without first defining terms!

News that Made Me Go "Huh?!"

The War Against Women

All Aboard the Ship of Fools

Easter, Jesus and the Power of the Cross

Saturday Sanity Check

PM is a Weathervane Trapped in a Man's Body

Adam Bandt Says: "Google it, mate!"

The IPCC Say the World Is Ending (Again!)

On Albo's Unemployment Rate Gaffe

The IPCC Say the World Is Ending (Again!)

On Albo's Unemployment Rate Gaffe

I'll Take My Chances in a Self-Driving Tesla

Sunday Interview - My Chat with Dinesh D'Souza (Part 1)

Sunday Interview - My Chat with Dinesh D'Souza (Part 1)

Saturday Sanity Check

No Monuments Lit Up for Israel

When Equality Turns into Privilege

Peak Climate Change Catastrophism

Hiking is Racist, Obviously.

Communism is a Fashion Accessory for the Young Woke

My exclusive interview with Every Politician in the Western World right now ...

The Fight for Trans Rights is About Remaking Society in the Image of a Confused Few

Sunday Interview - My Chat with Andrew Bolt

Saturday Sanity Check

What is a Woman?

Your Pocket Guide to 'Wokespeak'

What is a 'woman'?