Harry had to be the most annoying little girl on the internet.

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He’s an odd one. Complains his whole life about the invasion of privacy, of tabloid exploitation, of lack of respect to him - then releases the ugliest most invasive tabloid trash we’ve ever seen.

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👏😆 Love the pic.

How could anyone, who loves their family, denegrate them so publicly and cause a threat to demise the whole family?

Sad, spoilt, selfish, bitter and self focused are a few words that come to mind.

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The humour will just keep coming.

I saw a news report where the window display of Spare had a book strategically placed next it titled, Runt.

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Love it!!! British humour is great

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Yes he is spoilt, yes he is annoying. However I feel sorry for him. What a horrendous institution to be a part of. He knows their dark secrets and they would be worried…

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Spoilt rich kid.

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The whole Harry thing is a distraction. Ultimately unprofessional, when he describes his military service.

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It is very sad, what people will do for money.

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Having read some of the comment I may be an outlier. I don’t usually go for this sort of stuff, but listened to him. Yes it’s a distraction, but not far from what most who do research would know.

Some brief dot points:

1. Personal kill count

a. What about all the misery both the Empire and USA have created around the world, it’s almost reported on as a medal blaming them that died for the excuse of invading and adjusting the population.

2. Family dirty linen

a. Are we to believe those of such a haughty privilege are perfect and exempt from question and are saints incarnate?

b. Some of what’s aired will be forgotten and the UK press can go back to reporting what the PTB want regarding the elites, after they bash the prince.

c. Is it the bookstores agree it is gossip, or were they told to present it such?

3. Denigrate? Spoilt? Tragedy?

a. Maybe all. Or do we believe the fairy floss and mock cream dished out by the paid press of the ones that be commensurately compensated by way of a stolen bloodline?


Plandemic exposed lies are STILL being ignored by the press.

Damage and excess deaths remain a mystery.

People dying suddenly is an unknown phenomenon or blamed on climate change 😉

A certain island and it’s visitors go unnamed and unpunished

Associations of certain personalities associated with the family get knighted and lauded after their demise and yet no activity or people are linked as above. All remains taboo.

Certain 90yr suppression orders of a certain assembly of abusers within the politico-entertain-corporate circles.


He better keep away from straight tunnels.

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Clever! Harry married the wrong woman.

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Thank you! You brought a smile to me out of tragedy!

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They could display it next to Harry Potter books and call it Harry Windsor a wizard’s tale full of tricks and spells with the odd curse or two.

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A picture says a thousand words(perhaps) more so in this folly.

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Harry is a spineless puppet and Meghan is pulling the strings. It is typical narcissistic behaviour to use someone else as the cat's paw to deliberately control and bring about division and destruction, while cunningly hiding in the background so that they don't have to wear the consequences when there is backlash from the public. This is exactly what Meghan is doing. It is all calculated. Meghan is hiding in the shadow of her husband while her husband bears the consequences that come about as a result of this vile book. He should never have married her in the first place. Stupid fools, the both of them.

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Harry’s interviews show us that he appears completely sure about what he says in the book....and he seems completely sure that his story should be believed utterly without question....and this behaviour is being rewarded by the many sales of books he has achieved...one wonders...how much longer will this drama continue to play out until the public become bored by the same pantomime and the same plot...it appears that Harry has banked his future success on victimhood....short term gain will not result in long term success...this story is similar to the biblical story of Esau who sold his birth rights for a bowl of soup! Everybody likes to know about a story of a fall of a prince but it will be when he becomes like the rest of them... his story will have no interest anymore! No longer a Prince no longer any attention!

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