Talk about gutter politics! How much worse caan these guttersnipes get? Maybe the lefties feel threatened and have to discredit anyone who made a mistake as a young person. I am sure we all have! I remember as a 12 year old, in my first year of high school, in a Ladies college, do you mind, goose stepping up and down the classroom in my German class saying Heil Hitler. It caused my German teacher to leave! The poot woman had been used by Dr Mengel in his medical guinea pig thingos. I look back and have though for avery long time, what a horrid child I was. If I were to sit for any political party, would that be against me? These people need to stop digging dirt and look for diamonds

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First, presentism. The scourge of our times. Second, how do we get your posts front page on the ABC and every newspaper!

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Hmmm.. Let he who is without sin cast the first stone.

I was a complete idiot in my youth and didn't really settle into a partially sensible adult until my mid 20s. The teal candidate ought mind her mouth as I'm certain she has done dumb things too.

I think this is a perfect example of why the Green's and Teal's proposal to lower the voting age should be rejected. In our youth we do stupid things, say stupid things and are unaware of the impact of our actions on the people around us.

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Once again the left love to bash conservatives and place the illegitimate label of 'Nazi' all because many moons ago someone thought it would be cool to don a 'Nazi' uniform for a dress up party. Funny how if you look at what a 'Nazi' stands for, there are uncanny lines that are shared with the left and they agree with. Nazism is a cousin of socialism and the long lost cousin to a different mother in communism all of which are of the left persuasion. Isn't it funny as soon as someone says they are a conservative or they are christian or funnily enough a jew the left scream and screech 'NAZI'!

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It was painful watching Dom P’s grovelling apology, which could have been given so differently. The whole saga so conveniently exposed in pre-election time by the hypocritical cancel culture mob from ‘woketopia’ A reminder of the baying mob of Pharisees and Jesus’s ' response to them, when they were about to stone an adulterous woman. Where is the adulterous man, in the deed? Jesus instead chooses forgiveness of the woman’s deed, and turns it around to squarely ask those present, “ He that is without sin among you, let him first cast a stone at her.” John 8:7.

Imagine after Dom’s apology he stated to the baying media, “For we have ALL sinned and fallen short of God’s glory.” End of story.

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Tip Top article! I too have made bad choices. I have worn a “Breast Plate” to a toga party; a koala outfit to a Republican v Monarchist party; and worst of all a Drug Mule at an Olympic party. As a Jew combo German combo Slavic what was I thinking!

Apologies to the Nations! Hoorah!!

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Jan 14·edited Jan 14Liked by James Macpherson

"Freyer, of course, hopes to take the ultra wealthy seat of Vaucluse off the Liberals at the next election, so she went in hard.

'"I've been speaking to a number of people in the community,”' she said. '“I spoke to a Rabbi yesterday when the news hit and his concern is that this news might fuel even more anti-Semitism.”'

I wonder whether Freyer also cared to speak to the Rabbi about his concerns regarding to the LGBTQI movement at all???

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As usual your right on the money, good on you James

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One has to wonder who had the knives out for Premier Dom yesterday! David Elliot retiring MP warned Dom that there was a photo seen showing him in Nazi party dress..no joke...Dom was left to apologise ad nauseam while he was smeared relentlessly by a media who had no interest in the truth just sheer sensationalism, ridicule and a got yah moment! They keep playing their montage of a man under severe duress and severe shock, falsely accused a Christian under public persecution...another Christian AGAIN! You cannot defend the indefensible the killing of the Jews by the Nazis is absolutely atrocious but to pin this on a 20 year old man wearing party dress is just a plain and simple hatchet job...everybody knows that this is a dirty tactic which has been wheeled out to weaken or replace Dom. Equating his action with Nazi sympathising or antisemitism is sheer lunacy but it doesn’t matter in politics mud sticks and Dom must be thinking more than anything else who could betray me so bad!..,was it Labour or the Teals or worse his own party? For better or worse I will vote for Dom not because he has been much better but because their is far worse..like the Labour Party or Matt Keen...Dom is another example of a Christian who has been given major office but he has not fought strongly for Christian issues.., just like ScoMo I fear that Dom will go the same way and his in-action will lead to his final demise.., but what other choice do we have? A splintered freedom party movement, the Greens, the Teals, more Labour...we will be labour red across our eastern, southern and western states..state to state Labour God help us... I am going to vote for a Christian I hope his recent dice with betrayal has shown him that you just cannot appease your enemies they must be rooted out..,its time for a resurgence in the Libs kick the Greens and leftist/ woke members out of your party MAN! I hope that Dom turns things around and this will be the making of a strong Christian leader and the resurgence in the Libs... he is our last hope unless God has other plans! Chris Minns I cannot do it Albo, Dan, McGowan and Anastasia have to much poor form!

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Oh dear. The press and the left really have sunk to the depths and beyond. Poor old Dom. Faced with a lazy do nothing opposition leader and old worn out Labor politicians. DP should be able to win but as a man of principle nobbled first by the ghastly factions in theLiberal party and a left leaning National party combined with the might of the gambling industry and they dig this up!! It’s a no brainer - DP has been got at and instead of staring them down he apologises for dressing up! Go figure.

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Gutter politics. Forever pay for our sins of the past! Get over it you imbeciles villifying people!

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The dirty game of politics continues.

If you can’t win fairly, dig up some dirt.

I think most of us in our youth did a few things that were not exactly wise but times and attitudes change and this case is a good example.

The threat of blackmail is more concerning than his behaviour from 20 years ago.

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Omg can people just stop living in the past and get on with it. It is obvious that nothing much has changed with all the COVID propaganda and censorship of the last few years. The WEF is led by an ex- nazi loving family the “Schwab’s”but no one says anything and what he’s trying to achieve smells very Nazi like to me.

So how about we start getting real in this world and drop the BS. Should I be apologising for what the ancient Romans did considering that’s my ancestry??? I’m pretty sure if we all traced our ancestry we’d all be apologising..... so please let’s stop blaming the current generations for the things of past that they didn’t do. Yes it was terrible what has happened but continuously living in the hurtful past doesn’t allow for a better future.

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Dominic has over the past missed a few better opportunities to proactively address this whole sorry saga...however, I’m so over his wretched apologizing, I just wanna keep singing: “Hitler, he only had one ball...”. You know the rest.

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Congatulations James well said..

Hideous Karen Freyer, surely must WIN WORST DAUGHTER of the year award! 🙄😤

If you knew your DAD was a survivor,

Why in heck would you consider ringing him To UPSET HIM?

Thoughtless moron..Then run around Jewish community with same senseless rubbish..🙄 A 21yr old boy was dressed up in a fancy dress costume 20 years ago DAD REALLY he was DAD.. This aptly named TIFFANY TEAL 'KAREN' trying to make herself relevent!🙄

Guess what YOU have had a MASSIVE FAIL.🤮

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I, for one, am sick to death of the overblown crap that serves as journalism today. It is interesting that yesterday is being judged by today but not always vice versa. The left should know that socialism was close to national socialism during Hitler's times. Maybe its time the left started confessing their historical close ties to the Nazis and apologise, ad nauseum, for their ongoing culpability for that. Frankly, they should bow out of politics altogether in disgrace.

Somehow I don't see that happening!

More importantly, maybe we should shout aloud about all the deaths at the hands of socialists in the last century. Hundreds of millions! Yet still we have Labor and the Greens trying to force march us to their imaginary utopia.

Is the Australian public so blind that they do not see the endless push to socialise us? The slow march and dragging to the left of all of our institutions beginning with the arts and education? The vitriol and hatred packaged as compassion & caring.

What are we doing to ourselves?

Gough Whitlam once ran a campaign using the slogan "It's time!"

Now it really is time!

It's time to stop the march of socialism through our schools, colleges and universities.

It's time to cut the left off at the knees in every electorate.

It's time to reverse the ridiculous social engineering laws.

It's time for the Australian people to rise up and claim back their country.

It's time!

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