Thanks, James. It is great that people are speaking truth about vaccines. What has changed? Where are the media? Where are the vaccine injured? Smoke and mirrors, where/ when will mainstream hear and be willing to seriously look at the facts? Again, the disappointment is ongoing (which is also planned no doubt) like cold war Russian gulag mind game giving hope but then removing it. My heart is heavy for my children, grandkids, family, friends, Australia and the world that has been so easily deceived and continues to be. Christmas, Christ with us. Now we get a glimpse of how He must have felt. Even authorities trying to kill him before He could grow up. Loving but being hated, giving life but crucified, thankfully we have a hope in the truth revealed after His death and resurrection.

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I can see their point. We are in a real pickle now.

What we need is to turn it all around. We need to move from a fossil fuel fired highway to hell, back to the crisis, then hit climate change and fix it with a good old dose of fossil fuel fired global warming.

The word salad blizzard will warm up and everything will go back to normal.


A climate scientist told me so.

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This is great news, not so much for the jabbed, but for the truth. There should be criminal charges laid & promotion of ‘natural’ ways to fight this poison.

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Yeah , yeah, blah , blah WHAT WOULD Kerryn know??

She doesnt even know what she is / wants to be??

Straight /Lesbian

Mayor/ Politician / Doctor / TV celeb../


Just keeps on keeping on with something new , so we dont forget her!!!!🤣🤣trying to make one relevent with current trends!!

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What is wrong with these people?? They continue to support the lie while knowing the truth. The mRNA vaccines for covid ARE dangerous and have caused injuries on a spectrum from the development of mild allergies after one or more jabs, to severe physical & mental injuries or death.

Phelps should deregister herself for failing to stand up and do what she made an oath to do - to prescribe only beneficial treatments, according to his/her abilities & judgement; and, to refrain from causing hurt or harm.

Talk about a hypocrite.

Until this she is literally, with full and personal knowledge that the vaccine is dangerous, telling people to take the vaccine ..... prescribing a treatment that she knows is harmful ... and one that causes hurt or harm.

She is unfit to practice medicine.

Even worse, people have been saying, for a long time, that the vaccine is dangerous, including people like Dr Robert W Malone who invented vented mRNA vaccines. But she has willfully ignored the many voices and experts in support of a political narrative.

She is unfit to practice medicine and should have her licence revoked or hand it in herself.

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"And then legal action can begin against those who forced people to take an experimental drug that they not want,..."

I would add "and that they did not need." It was clear from the outset that COVID-19 was NOT an indiscriminate disease, and that we were NOT all at risk, as the powers-that-be would have us all believe. There was NEVER any reason to promote mass vaccination. And by mid-2020, there was even solid data showing that the majority of infections in the US were asymptomatic (detectable SARS-CoV-2 antibodies in people who had never experienced any symptoms of infection).

And that's all before we even consider the fact that the very idea of creating a safe and effective vaccine against a coronavirus (any coronavirus) is a fool's errand. Multiple attempts since the first SARS outbreak 20 years ago, involving numerous vaccine platforms and approaches, have failed miserably. I found papers saying as much in early 2020, when I went looking for scientific information on COVID vaccine safety and efficacy. It's all been there, all along.

There has always been sound scientific evidence that these vaccines are not safe, are not effective (or not likely to be, in advance of widespread use), and are not necessary. Ignorance is no defense in a medical professional, whether she is practicing medicine or politics.

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Once again. NO body is going to be held accountable for this fiasco. They will all come out squeaky clean. I have no doubt.

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‘Did research before having it’.

Obviously she researched Pfizer publications.

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Am I meant to feel sorry for her, she kept silent for a year and continued to push it. Nope I hope they get better but they can go get stuffed after what they inflicted onto people

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The well respected, intelligent, obviously well researched Dr. Phelps walks into a staff meeting with a rectal thermometer tucked behind her ear. A nurse asks her why she has a thermometer behind her ear?

The good Doctor grabs the thermometer, looks at it, and exclaims, “Damn it, some arsehole has my pen."

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What is the old addage "Doctors bury their mistakes, while lawyers simply bleed clients dry"

The tradgedy for all who placed their trust in the so called elite profession..... is now a trashed reputation and "doubt" over the demise of the "do no harm" ethos!

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WOW the mainstream media have no excuse they have a story...come on Karl come on Ben...they should make comment on Dr Phelps amazingly brave testimony to shed light on this injection scam. It’s time for mainstream media sources to get the courage and run with this story...stand up and do your job and tell the story and bust the overarching fear and control of the narrative and it’s supposed power over our lives..now is the time! I have never been a fan of Dr Phelps but I must say on this occasion she has impressed me with her sheer courage and strength on this issue. It’s taken great personal anguish for both her and her partner but she has stood up and told her story which strongly bucks against the media narrative. As a long standing doctor she smashes the narrative and explains that doctors are being censored and forced to fold against the overarching false authority of AHPRA and other medical organisations. She has incredible political and medical clout holding both a position in parliament and being the first woman AMA president. She has also been a long-standing TV doctor often explaining many medical issues on the soap box for many years. She is the doctor that explained medical issues to us on TV...This could be the start of a wave of people who are outside of the freedom party movements or so called anti-vax group who start to buck the trend and erode the mainstream/government one way narrative. Vaccine injuries are real and long COVID is masking the truth as many have been affected not just by the virus but also by the vaccine....it’s truly shocking this story holds a blast radius which we have never seen in the history of Australia...the shockwaves are of epic proportions! Healthy people were given a treatment for a virus which doesn’t stop you getting infected or transmitting the virus but worse the cure has created further damage...the vaccine creates dangerous toxic spike proteins which are killing more people than the virus itself. Many are dying not because of the virus but because of the supposed vaccine....the societal and criminal repercussions are unprecedented and global...post vaccine injury and health complications and excess death is becoming evident in all the data NOW one year after the supposed omicron outbreak and the 95% number was recorded... which has caused this growing wave of destruction and misery..the outbreak or the mass compliance and coercive jab?

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Finally they can see “The Emperor has no clothes!!”

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and in the next life too

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Dec 21, 2022Liked by James Macpherson

What about those of us who refused on this basis & were terminated? Future earnings claim thank you very much. Bring on a Royal Commission. I want to see these scum bags pay.

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It couldn't happen to a nicer couple.

These promoters of death have for years been lying to us and killing many.

How appropriate that they have been lied to and are suffering like the many who believed them.

When you live in a media bubble echo chamber where everyone is singing from the same song sheet, as all comrades do, it must feel strange to put it down and start thinking for yourself.

It just goes to show how little doctors are taught about vaccines and their injuries.

She was not aware that only 1% of vaccines trialed ever get approved and only after years of trials.

This bioweapon was produced at warp speed (it was actually developed and patented by the NIH as a bioweapon in 2015), never tested properly or approved, it was given an EUA so they could start the experiment on the general population and see how many people they could kill before we began to wake up to the lies of the MSM.

When I did the vocational guidance test they told me I should become a doctor, but I could not bring myself to cut into people and do them harm while not addressing the cause of the disease. Now if there had been courses in homeopathy then maybe my life would have been different.

At least I learnt how to do scientific research and that showed me this was all a big scam right from the start and especially when they banned antiviral drugs that had proved to be safe and effective. That alone made the whole pandemic emergency powers illegal.

The WHO, CDC, FDA, NIH, TGA, ATAGI, etc. were all corrupt and need to be prosecuted along with Big Pharma and the corrupt politicians.

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