Checkout an ex csiro scientist Walter Jehne

Any methane given off by the cow is absorbed back by the pasture it’s eating

In fact the pasture can absorb a 100 times more methane than the animals eating it can excrete

We’ve reintroduced sheep on our farm too improve the soil and put carbon back in it

Also look at his carbon sponge theory

96% of climate change is water vapour

Carbon dioxide is only 4%

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Jacinda Adern needs to consider never eating baked beans ever again or she might have to be eliminated in order to save the planet. BAN BAKED BEANS!

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She would be in favor of depopulation of the earth along with Bill Gates and his bioweapons they have injected into so many who will soon die and stop emitting.

Man made CO2 makes up only 3-4% of total world emissions. NZ is not even visible on the chart.

The real problem is we need more CO2 to green the planet as it's concentration has no effect on it's greenhouse properties, causes plants to grow faster and in more arid areas to feed the world.

If we could reduce the CO2 levels it would kill all plant life.

Why do people not follow the real science and instead follow a theory that is not supported by real science? Why does no politician know enough and have enough guts to speak against this lie?

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It’s a shame that all the “hot air” these people create cannot be used as a source of energy. Reminds me of when we used to joke at school that someone thought they were hot s##t but they were really just a cold fart. In a crowded lift..... ewww😩

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Mmmm ....does this mean a 24 hour vigil of one’s cows to deliver an accurate measure of their yearly flatulence. Will humans in NZ be next in line for this measurement, especially when they are forced to become, bugs, beans and vege eaters.

And oh! it appears Prince William has been given the mantle and title from his father, of climate catastrophist.

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Jacinta exposing more of her communist ideology. The fact she opened her gob and publicly revealed herself "again" should have the Kiwi farmers on the streets with their tractors. I sincerely hope that for the sake of all New Zealanders that they give her the flick in 2023.

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it is truly frightening when you consider on their own the plans of these foolish, vacuous people like Ardern and Price William as well as barmy Bowen -but in then end it is God who is in control and one day he will roll up this earth to create a new heaven and new earth. James ,did you catch "the Truth of it" on Saturday night at the ICC in Sydney-so inspiring.

And did you read that story in the Oz about the scientists that are walking away so fast from their predictions because it will affect their super. Andy Pitt says -don't blame us-we didn't cause all this nonsense. I thought Rowan would give the article an airing on Outsiders. .

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Great stuff James...

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Oh dear James why don’t you just ignore this vacuity. All you’re doing is making this ill equipped unresearched nonsense talker even further worshipped by the ignorant lazy unproductive but wellpaid grovellers who are going to vote for her come what may. Please for the sake of fellow thinkers leave her out. She’s an idiot and a lunatic. So was Hitler.

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Thanks, James. Jacinta's science looks "beached as bro". I think it is grossly unfair to the farmers to monitor and pay. I think bureaucrats need to get out the office and monitor livestock emissions. Perhaps Jacinta could lead by example with her policy team for a year following a cow each 24/7 with a hose and CO2 meter. It might save the country from more stupid ideas in their absence. 🤪

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I think the sloth just needs a little bit of workshop around its branding maybe a re-launch?

The fast answer to fix climate change is the slow burger...

New and improved sloth burger….

Hot sloth Dog...?

Go fart free in 2023! (I like the sound of this one)

The problem with farming sloths is that there is continually production delays that make it uneconomical.

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If only there were my representatives, I get no such action from mine no matter how many times I try to inform them of the facts.

Also we did Have Christensen and Antic with Hanson are still there, but they are all senators.

Angus Taylor is my rep and he knows the truth, but can't speak about it because he is in the shadow cabinet.

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