Absolutely right James, this is an unimaginative activist group trying to mimic the the Black Lives Matter movement in the US and constantly inventing grievances to justify their hateful and divisive actions.

I think most of us would regret that history inevitably saw the West colonise a people who, for no fault of their own, were still in the Stone Age. But an honest look at history shows that in Australia the British authorities did it with every consideration of Aboriginal people, as Australian governments since have endeavoured to do.

This hateful and incessant railing against us will only lose that sympathy for the great majority of Aboriginal and TI people who have been able to reconcile with what is fault on both sides.

It will certainly lose the Voice.

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Lydia Thorpe continues to demonstrate the traits of a vile and ignorant human being. How much DNA does someone require in order to identify as a member of a particular race? I'm sure she does not have 40k years of unadulterated Aboriginal ancestry.

I am first generation Australian of Italian parents with close ancestry from many European nations and distant ancestry from North Africa and Asia Minor. So what nation/race should I identify with and to whom should I blame for the woes in my life? In the end who cares anyway! Enjoy the present, concentrate on the future and learn from the past. Race should not matter, so stop making it an issue. We are all part of one race, the human race, brothers and sisters from one genetic line.

Her hate speech and theatrics both in and out of Parliament needs to be put in check. It's divisive and beneath the office of what the Senate should represent.

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We have a referendum coming up to legislate a race based caste system in Australia like they have had in India for the last 2500 or 3000 years.

1 vote for all Australians of every color and another vote or veto or what ever rights the parliament and high court decide in the future for anyone who is part or claims to be part aboriginal.

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Thorpe is a hypocritical disgrace. She is the problem. BUT she’s doing a lot to support the vote No.

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Is there not some way that disgraceful outraged Lydia Thorpe could be censured in Parliament or even expulsion after this ugly vile charade.

She is a total disgrace to her position, her country and the indigenous people.

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Greens means Communist.

Those who think like this have been educated by Communists and do not know the real history.

Our education system and the syllabus changes have made our children ignorant of the truth.

Don Lemmon had the same problem with his interview with a royal commentator who educated him on who should pay slavery reparations, who was responsible for it and who stopped it with the cost of many lives.


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1000% correct once again, James!

They are sO much in a state of confusion, but by doing such things, it is a sure way of not getting people's vote!

God doesn't have to do anything for their undoing - they trip themselves up on their own rope!

Very sad, non the less - sigh!

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So WHO do we have in OUR PARLIAMENT to have that Lydia THORPE creature SACKED & permanently removed ?

Surely as a NATION we are NOT lawfully bound to have that Mentally unhinged loud-mouth sitting in our parliament receiving hefty pay packet from taxpayers coffers.

Bringing OUR COUNTRY into disrepute on the WORLD stage???

We need HELP to dismiss her entirely.

Lock all the FLAG burners up for a long time!!

These lowlife creatures dont belong in Australia!

They sure as hell don't represent AUSTRALIAN VALUES! 😤😤😤

Time , people to claim OUR COUNTRY back from the clutches of these IMBECILES.

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Thanks, James. Sad, disappointing, lost. I hope people wake up to see this anti reconciliation rhetoric before it is implemented as policy.

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Plus a little help from the ABC, even reporting this .

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It is ironic that counties run by governments with the worldview people like Lydia Thorpe espouse would imprison, torture and “disappear” citizens of their own country, were they to behave in this manner and incite “revolution”. Biting the hand that feeds you, historically, never sends well.

It is our western comfort, stupidity and “tolerance” that permits these despicable individuals to rant, and the corrupted media just love to give them a voice... (no pun intended).

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I have a question - who voted Lydia Thorpe into the Senate??? She is committing treason and getting away with it. It was only a year ago that police were attacking people with pepper spray and rubber bullets who were demonstrating against cruel authoritarian madates, yet when these people commit treason by burning the Australian flag, nothing is done! Who and what is behind all this? Who is inciting these vile demonstrations? I think we are in for a rough ride.

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Sep 23, 2022Liked by James Macpherson

Lydia Thorpe is one of the most racist individuals in Australia. She is a vile, hateful, loud-mouthed fool. It is her and her like who are the ones who have their foot on the throat of Aboriginal people. It is a disgrace that she is still permitted to sit as a senator collecting taxpayer funds. I am grateful we now have the sensible alternative of Jacinta Nampijinpa Price to counter this fool. Jacinta is from the bush and truly cares about her community and people. Jacinta has real life experience of the issues concerning Aboriginal Australians. Jacinta is a beacon of hope that we might see some actual change for those suffering in Aboriginal communities.

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What do these people REALLY want? To live as Captain Cook found Australia? It was not a post-Gondwana Idyll. Read The Fatal Shore (Robert Hughes).

Do they want White-skinned migrants to leave? There are oppressive regimes all over the world throughout time and migration is a sign of that world-sickness.

Either view is ignorant and racist.

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Sep 23, 2022·edited Sep 23, 2022

"For nation shall rise against nation (ethnic group vs ethnic group), and kingdom against kingdom (country vs country)"... Matt 24:7

More a sign of the times than a sign of any real desire to live in unity. Expect more of the same, with no indication that forgiveness will ever be part of the equation.

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