I forwarding this article to my sister :)

Germany is not alone in its situation regarding Russia and supplies....39% of their gas comes from there...but they are not alone in finding themselves in this situation...Italy, France, Hungary etc though Germany and Italy are the most reliant....also they are not alone in looking at plans to turn off street lights etc etc to save energy...France and others also have floated such planning...what is good to see is that these European nations are actually planning ahead for a case scenario of a bitter winter to try and make sure they can provide for their people. Interestingly enough if you look up the information, facts and figures, on the German economy they do not support this article.

Shame for besmirching Angela Merkel and her many many achievements during her time as Mother of Germany. I'd prefer to see Putin being pilloried!

X and Y, living in Germany currently on a university fellowship...very impressed with Germany I might add...Z, Professor at Syd Uni Physics....his area of expertise...sustainability ..

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I doubt Australia will learn from this stupidity!

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There were three things in the office of Angela Merkel and only one of them was working? Two of them were herself & a state official, the other an airconditioner, now the air conditioner is stuffed.

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Jul 19, 2022·edited Jul 19, 2022

While I agree with the main thrust of this essay, it incorrectly paints Russia as the villain of the piece.

Nord Stream 1 does not run through Ukraine. The clue is in the name (Nord). It's only a small detail but it reveals how much James knows about the Russia/Ukraine situation. It's also misleading to claim that Russia threatens to cut off gas to Germany, without acknowledging that Germany has effectively declared economic war on Russia. All the hostility in the Russian/German relationship is coming from the German side.

There is also the matter of Nord Stream 2, which has been completed for many months, but never actually turned on. Russia has repeatedly said they are ready to pump gas through it straight away.

However Germany refuses to give permission.

The only threats to German gas supplies are coming from the German government.

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Jul 19, 2022·edited Jul 19, 2022Liked by James Macpherson

You had me at “war-m rooms”. Glory be.

Dear Angela just got pwned. How very “scapegoatish” of the Deutsche Parliament. But you can’t blame the woman…can you?? After all we are still the underdog here James, or should I say;

“Außenseiterin” (feminine).

As you said, she only; “believed solar panels and diplomacy were the answer to everything.”

Simple mistake. Costly mistake.

(Insert eye roll)

It seems fitting to end with the “Days of our lives” opening narration. “Like gas, or is it sand, through the hourglass, so are the days of our lives”.

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Angela Merkel was probably doing what she was trained and paid for by the WEF

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Jul 19, 2022Liked by James Macpherson

Oh dear James. Sri Lanka, NZ, Australia, now Germany and probably everyone else is reaping the benefits of membership of the UN. And dear oh dear I forgot Ukraine. Now haven't they reaped the benefits of being in an institution that was set up to keep world peace and good order. Lies lies lies is all that emanates from IPCC, WHO, etc and still we go along with the nonsense and pay their way. Then they get that snotty actress to haul a reluctant Harry along to make a dick of himself publicly in front of fewer people than are in a standard 1 class and who have less intelligence than a standard 1 class. And a man who will in time be found to be one of the most sensible and prophetic American presidents is hounded by the communists for speaking the truth. Best I close.

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